Sparc and Sparc Plus - Controllers.

    User Friendly
  • Sparc and Spark Plus controllers are user-friendly microprocessor controllers,designed to control the high voltage power supply for ESPs.Totally menu controlled,with logical handling.All operations are governed by few push buttons..
    Software and bus Communication
  • Physical bus interface is Rs 485 and software protocols are ModBus RTU and ASCII.Communication via software Profibus DP can be Provided as option.
Technical Data
Power Supply 230 V AC +- 10%
Display 20 *4 matrix LCD
Inputs 4 analogue
12 digital
Outputs 8 digital
Communication bus RS 485.
Ambient Temperature. +5 to +600C
Dimensions(WxHxD) 315*205*45(I*W*d)
Weight 2 Kg
Degree of Protection IP 42 at the front
Panel cut out(W*H) 249*175 mm

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