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MicroKraft III-Controllers Sparc and Sparc Plus-Controllers PowerSaprc-Single Phase Transformer Rectifiers
micro sparc single phase transformer
Power supply 24 V AC ± 10%
Display 240 *64 dot matrix LCD
Connector 64 poles Oin Header to DIN 41651
Inputs analogue 12 digital
Communication bus RS 485
Ambient Temperature +5 to 600C
Dimensions(WxHxD) 315*205*45(I*w*d)
Weight 3kg
Degree of protection Ip 54 at the front
Panel cut out(W*H) 256 *176 mm
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Power Supply 230 V AC +- 10%
Display 20 *4 matrix LCD
Inputs 4 analogue
12 digital
Outputs 8 digital
Communication bus RS 485
Ambient Temperature +5 to 600C
Dimensions(WXHXD) 315*205*45(IXwXd)
Weight 2 kg
Degree of Protection IP 42 at the front
Panel cut out(W*H) 249*175 mm
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Primary Voltage 220-690V,1-phase,50/60 Hz
Secondary Voltage 30-150 Kv
Secondary Current 50-3000 mA
Degree of Protection tank IP 65
LVJB IP 55/65
Coolant Mineral or sillicone Oil
High Voltage Outlet IP 44 as standard MK III/Sparc Controller/Other Make RAL 7032 /AS per clients requirement Internal or external earthing/grounding switch
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Swich Mode(High Frequency)Rectifier Three Phase transformer rectifires
switch_mode Three_pahse
Primary Voltage 3*400-660 V AC,50/60 Hz
Secondary Voltage 100 kV peak value at ESP load
Secondary Current 600 mA avaerage
Power Factor >0.90
Control System Microprocessor based
HV terminal Horizontal
Length 1200 mm
Width 800 mm
Height 1380 mm
Weight 395 kg
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Primary Voltage 380-660V,3 Phase , 50/60 Hz
Secondary Voltage 50-150 kV
Secondary Current 200-4000mA
Degree of Protection Tank IP 65,Low Voltage junction box IP 55/IP 65
Coolant Media Mineral or Sillicon oil
Colour RAL 7032/As per clients requirement
High Voltage Outlet Vertical or Horizontal
Panel cut out(W*H) 256 *176 mm
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